Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way…”

Her melodious plea is even more relevant now. Almost daily we hear of young people taking their lives; or taking the life of others at their school, or in their neighborhoods.

Recently I heard of a group of middle school and high school students in Baltimore Maryland who had opportunity to hear, in person, the first Lady of the United States. Melania Trump, who uses her platform to teach children and youth to BE BEST -be better than they now are, was disrespectfully booed in order to disrupt her message.  (By the way, her talk was about opiates and the disastrous effect they’ve had on the very people at the event)

Coming from an abusive home myself, I understand pain, fear, anger, mistrust of others; and I acknowledge that telling our stories, and speaking our minds promotes healing. However, there is NEVER an occasion when trying to silence someone else will heal your own pain.

To stop violence, hatred, drug use, disrespect for life, and incivility; we don’t need more regulation, but EDUCATION. Violence won’t be silenced until we implement empowerment.

Children won’t stop HURTING themselves and others, until they see how much they can HELP themselves and others.

I’m Jackie Bailey. For many years I’ve been teaching children, youth, and adults how to find their core beliefs; and to discover the experiences that taught them those beliefs. I’ve seen the empowering outcome when a child can barely look me in the eye on the first day of class, to several weeks later telling an inspiring personal story about a value they hold dear.

My goal is to help all persons SPEAK with power; FEED others in word and deed, and to LEAD with positive influence.

It’s not enough any longer to educate only the youth in my own community; I want to give children worldwide the same opportunity. Thus, I’m starting a nonprofit organization called THE SPEAK FEED LEAD PROJECT.

I hope to enter schools and neighborhoods around the globe teaching children how to tap into the POWER of VOICE; the POWER of SERVICE; and the POWER of LEADERSHIP.

Let’s face it, we’re experiencing a crisis. Not just locally, but throughout the world. As populations grow, we are becoming more and more isolated, alone, and confused.

Despite the age of information, we are experiencing communication starvation. We all know Facebook; but we sweat to FACE LOOK – look at someone and have an in-person conversation.

THE SPEAK FEED LEAD PROJECT has a goal to change communication through education and preparation. We will empower presentation.

The children are our future. Teach them well, and they will lead the way.